Balloon giveaways : with or without LaTige®

What is the strong point of LaTige® compared to helium in the distribution of advertising balloons?

Balloons are known to be very attractive. By the way, they are a very effective for advertising.

There are three ways to distibute them :

– Not inflated, it is a possibility, but your advertising or event won’t be visible to your potential customers.

– Inflated with helium. Helium is really magic, the balloon flies by itself, your advertisement is clearly visible, and children are pleased, but… the magic unfortunately lasts only a few hours. Because even with high-quality balloons, helium, which is a tiny atom, escapes by the microscopic pores of the balloon’s wall. And the balloon gradually deflates over time. To this fact, we must add the price of helium and its constraints (stewardship, equipment, rental…) and think of using a biodegradable cotton string (in case of accidental release).

– Inflated and mounted on LaTige® is also magical. Just see the smile of the child walking around with his balloon and your advertisement at the same time! With LaTige, simply inflate it with air. From there, the balloon remains inflated much longer compared to a balloon inflated with helium, because the molecules of the air (oxygen, nitrogen…) are larger and remain enclosed in the balloon. So our little happy client keeps his balloon much longer and your ad at the same time !
Another advantage for air : it is widely available and totally free.