LaTige®, an innovative balloon holder

Practical and sustainable : LaTige® the cardboard holder for latex balloons

LaTige®, The balloon holder

Un accessoire essentiel pour la distribution des ballons publicitaires

LaTige®, an innovative cardboard balloon holder designed by the French company Totalement Ballons.
It facilitates the distribution of balloons and is eco-friendly.

Easy to use

Designed to be practical.The balloon is easily installed in a few movements without tying.
And the balloon doesn’t deflate.


Recyclable and biodegradable, LaTige® limits its impact on the environment.

Plastic free

LaTige® is made with recycled cardboard. The holder and its latex balloon are both plastic free.

Designed and made in France

A local development and a local production to reach the best product.

It comes from trees

LaTige® is a product of the nature.

LaTige® is produced with recycled cardboard and is developed to be used with a natural latex balloon.
Printed with food-grade inks, it is suitable for children. Let them go, have fun with your balloon and make your advertising at once.

Printed balloons as giveaways are the best way to promote your event. Highly eye-catching and colourful, a few dozen of balloons are more efficient than commercial posters or distribution of flyers.
Last but not least, LaTige® and its latex balloon are both 100% biodegradable !

It (also) come from trees

The latex balloon is a product of the nature.

The latex balloon is, as cardboard, coming from the tree cultivation : it is made with the natural sap of a tree : the hevea, the rubber tree. To be transformed in balloons, this latex undergoes, in fact, very little transformation.
Its colours come from natural pigments.
Simply processed, it is 100% biodegradable.

The balloon is absolutely plastic free. Its strength and texture gives the impression that it comes from the plastic industry, but it is not.
As its raw materials are natural, microorganisms are able to degrade it after its use. Its duration of degradation in the natural environment is close to that of an oak leaf.

The cultivation of trees is required for its production, as a consequence, the balloon has a favorable carbon balance. The production of 1 ton of balloons will absorbs approximately 21 tons of CO2 (Belbal data).

Latex balloons are coming from hevea tree


We can print them with your own design.

Contact us for the MOQ.

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Totalement Ballons is a balloon printer in France. We have developed LaTige® as part of our innovations to deliver sustainable products.

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